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Richmond area of London is an extremely desirable place to reside, offering both families and singles an abundance of housing choices that meet any need imaginable.

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Custom kitchen design is becoming an increasingly popular trend. No longer considered just an extravagant indulgence for those with unlimited funds, custom built kitchens can also serve as cost effective solutions for renovating existing spaces or upgrading them altogether.

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Bespoke kitchen design involves working with an experienced designer to design an environment tailored specifically to your lifestyle and preferences, meeting all your specific requirements in an attractive yet functional space. Though more costly than standard fitted kitchens, when applied appropriately it may well prove worthwhile.

Customisation is at the heart of a bespoke kitchen design project, so it's vital that you communicate your requirements to your designer from the outset. Furthermore, be sure to set a budget from day one - this will help ensure it remains within reach throughout your journey.

Bespoke kitchens are designed to optimize your space, taking advantage of any awkward areas within the design and meeting all your specific aesthetic and colour preferences. Customisation options may also be available depending on your desired look and design aesthetics.


Kitchens Richmond provide more than just an opportunity for you to prepare meals - they also serve as an outlet to express yourself creatively and show off your individual style. You can transform it into an eye-catching space using various aesthetic elements, from boho color schemes and brass hardware, to farmhouse decor elements and hardwood flooring.

Richmond is an idyllic riverside town situated southwest of London that features fine dining establishments and independent stores, in addition to boasting a large park and historic bridge.

Richmond is a stunning place to spend an afternoon, or the whole day. With its charming village green, traditional pubs, and Georgian terraced houses it feels like time has been transported backwards.


Richmond is a southwest London neighborhood bordering Kingston upon Thames to the north that provides the ideal combination of country living and city lifestyle. It features picturesque riverside scenery including its own 2,500-acre deer park and access to a bustling stretch of Thames with an active towpath. Richmond is popular among home buyers due to its closeness to private schools such as St Paul's School in Barnes and Radnor House in Twickenham as well as studios like Pinewood Studios Teddington Twickenham studios as well as rich culture all-encompassing this leafy riverside community.

Chestertons in Richmond is seeing more buyers with larger budgets come into the area, according to Xavier Marques-Wicks of Chestertons Richmond. Interest has returned since 2008's recession; we expect this trend to continue as stamp duty tax holidays which ended last September are helping boost property markets locally.